Watch these video tutorials to learn about MetroLER and the technology behind its revolutionary capabilities.

Introducing MetroLER:

Part 1:  Why MetroLER is needed

Part 2:  Why measuring 3σ is not good enough

Part 3:  Detecting Edges with the Fractilia Inverse Linescan Model (FILM)

Part 4:  Subtracting SEM errors

Part 5:  Predicting the impacts of roughness

Part 6:  Using MetroLER



Read these papers and presentations for more technical details on MetroLER and its use.

Stochastics and the phenomenon of line-edge roughness
Chris A. Mack

Using the analytical linescan model for SEM metrology
Chris A. Mack, Benjamin D. Bunday

Global minimization line-edge roughness analysis of top down SEM images
Barton G. Lane, Chris A. Mack, Nasim Eibagi, Peter Ventzekn

Level crossing methodology applied to line-edge roughness characterization
Chris A. Mack, Timothy A. Brunner, Xuemei Chen, Lei Sun

Impact of stochastic process variations on overlay mark fidelity towards the 5nm node
Michael E. Adel,  Roel Gronheid, Chris A. Mack, et al.


Additional Resources

More than two dozen published papers covering LER and related topics are available on Chris Mack's website.