November 16, 2018: Fractilia releases MetroLER version 1.7.7 with even greater accuracy, faster execution speed and new feature analysis capabilities. Contact Fractilia for more information.

EUV's New Problem Areas, by Mark Lapedus in Semiconductor Engineering

February 19, 2018: Contact hole measurement and analysis capability released in MetroLER version 1.5

See MetroLER results at the 2018 SPIE Advanced Lithography Conference: Download a schedule of technical papers with results from MetroLER -- Updated February 21, 2018

Conquering LER with computational metrologyChris Mack's video conversation with Dan Hutcheson on weVISION

July 6, 2017: Fractilia releases MetroLER version 1.0

Fractilia: Pattern Roughness Metrology, by Mark Lapedus in Semiconductor Engineering

SPIE Newsroom video:  Chris Mack -- Stochastics and the phenomenon of line-edge roughness

SPIE Newsroom video on Fractilia