Fractilia: Pattern Roughness Metrology, by Mark Lapedus in Semiconductor Engineering

SPIE Newsroom video:  Chris Mack -- Stochastics and the phenomenon of line-edge roughness

SPIE Newsroom video on Fractilia


Technical papers on pattern roughness from the 2017 SPIE Advanced Lithography Symposium:

Impact of stochastic process variations on overlay mark fidelity at the 5nm node
Michael E. Adel, Chris A. Mack, Sharon Aharon, Dana Klein, Philippe Leray

Stochastics and the phenomenon of line-edge roughness
Chris A. Mack

Line-edge roughness (LER) performance targets for EUV lithography
Timothy A. Brunner, Xuemei Chen, Allen Gabor, Craig D. Higgins, Lei Sun, Chris A. Mack

A chemically amplified resist without catalyst
Austin P. Lane, Wontae Joo, Di Liu, Kensuke Matsuzawa, Ryan A. Mesch, Wade Wang, Benjamin Cassidy, Andrew R. Dick, Scott Phillips, Chris A. Mack, C. Grant Willson

Global minimization line-edge roughness analysis of top down SEM images
Barton G. Lane, Chris A. Mack, Nasim Eibagi, Peter Ventzek

Level crossing methodology applied to line-edge roughness characterization
Chris A. Mack, Timothy A. Brunner, Xuemei Chen, Lei Sun

Using the analytical linescan model for SEM metrology
Chris A. Mack, Benjamin D. Bunday